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Why this candle?

Why soy? We love soy because it is a renewable resource.  We love this soy wax because it was grown in the United States from farmers right here in the heartland.  Maybe it was grown by our neighbor or fellow church member.

We also love the clean even burn of soy.  In our opinion it burns longer than paraffin candles and gives a nice consistent scent throw.  In our testing of the burn we have clocked the 8 oz candle burning for 36 hours and 29 minutes.  Our 16 oz candle burned for 60 hours and 24 minutes.  Of course there are variables to each candle but that is a pretty long burn time. (We are not claiming that each candle will burn for that exact time, that is just what we clocked.  Yours may burn more or less).  We added wax melts to the spring line at the requests of our college friends living in dorms & friends who live alone and don't like to keep a candle burning.

Each candle is hand mixed & poured by 12 year old Gwyn.  They are made in very small batches.  This allows tighter control on the consistency of each candle in the batch.  She also selects each scent according to her fancies.  There are several scents that we test pour and they just don't quite tickle her fancy.  The scents are all phthalate free and adhere to strict standards for safety and purity. Each fragrance adheres to the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. as well as RIFM (Research Institute for fragrance materials) 

We love our product.  We burn these candles everyday. But, it has been a labor of love to get to a product we are happy to share with our friends.  There has been a lot of testing & experimenting.  Lots of trial and error with wick testing, scent testing, curing time.  We are constantly trying new blends of oils to get a scent Gwyn approves of!  There is always room for improvement but we feel like its worth the money. 

We also love supporting local farmers, friends, businesses and other entrepreneurs.  Our friend in town helped with designing the labels.  The labels are printed at our local print shop.  We sell candles at a darling boutique in our hometown.