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Why does my wax look uneven or lumpy?  Soy is a natural ingredient that is subject to the whims of nature.  In a few cases we have seen the wax burn down a little lumpy or with tiny craters in the top.  As the wax melts and the wick burn down it will fill in on itself. This does not affect the throw or the burn.

Why is my wick mushrooming or turning black at the top? the carbon of the wick as it burns turns the wick black.  But if it is mushrooming you need to trim your wick! Please read the warning label on the bottom of your candle.  Wicks should be trimmed down to 1/4 inch before lighting.  

Why is my my flame so tall? Again, if your flame is very tall and putting out smoke, you need to trim your wick! Keep trimming the wick as the candle burns down and you should have an even burn down to the end.

Why is my wick so small and seem to be smothered by the wax? You may have trimmed your wick to close or short.  If your candle does not have enough fodder or wick for your flame it will be smothered by the wax. 

Why does my candle tin seems to be getting hot? The candle tins do seem to warm up if you keep your candle burning for a long time.  We suggest reading and following the warning label on the bottom of your candle.  Do not leave your candle burning for hours unattended.  You can also put the tins lid underneath the tin to act as an insulator.  Check your candle periodically and do not burn with small children and pets around. We like to keep ours on a coaster.  That way the surface it is on doesn't get too hot and it looks pretty!

Why soy wax? we like soy because it's grown in our neck of the woods.  We not only love supporting midwest farmers, we love that soy is a renewable resource.  Soy burns evenly and longer than paraffin.  We love the throw it gives and being friendly to the world God gave us.  

I got some melted wax on my skin, is that safe? All our fragrance oils adhere to a strict standard for safety and purity.  The oils in your candle are skin safe and if they weren't in your lovely candle they can be used in soap and other beauty products. The soy wax is also safe for your skin, & although our candles are safe and smell delicious, we wouldn't recommend eating one. 

Why is the candle in a tin instead of glass? Mostly we thought it looked cute! But the metal container weighs less than glass and is therefore cheaper to ship.  You can also recycle the tin when your finished enjoying the candle to use as a holder for hair ties, bobby pins or fishing tackle.  You can pop the wick out, and get the excess wax out (using a hair drier works but it gets really hot so kids ask a grown up!) 

How long will my candle burn? Every candle burns a little differently.  Some factors include how long you leave it lit, draft, etc.  But, we have tested this! The 8 oz tin candle burned for 36 hours and 29 minutes.  Yours may burn more or less than this.  The 16 oz tin burned for 60 hours and 24 minutes.